The Artillery Business Club


The Artillery Business Club (ABC) is the bridge between the Netherlands Fires-community (Artillery, ground based fire support and ground based air & missile defence) and the Defence Industry and products & knowledge suppliers. We enable contact and make it sustainable by offering several opportunities to come and stay in contact with the members and leaders of the Royal Netherlands Fires-community. To specify the options we organize and offer the following opportunities.

We offer in 2021

  • publication and/or advertisement in our Artillery Magazine called “St Barbara”;
  • presenting your products and expertise at the FIRE SUPPORT SYMPOSIUM 2021 on 23th September hosted by the Commander of the ground based fire support in ‘t Harde. More details press here;
  • participating at several events such as: ARTILLERY SYMPOSIUM at the Royal Military Academy in Breda (date to follow);
  • meeting (Senior) Officers of the Royal Netherlands fires-community at events such as: ANNIVERSARY of the Royal Netherlands Artillery (established in 1677) on 7th January; or the SUMMER BBQ 1st July or the annual GALA …th October (exact date to follow) ;
  • Participate at the COMPANY BRIEFING (4th November 2021), hosted by the Commander of the Ground Based Air Defence Command (GBADC) at the Lieutenant-General Best barrack near the village of Vredepeel.
  • networking and relaxation at: GUNNERS GOLF TOURNAMENT 17th September;
  • last but not least; more exposure on our website.

Let’s talk about..

your business and interests and see if ABC adds value to your business;
explain details on the upcoming events to persuade your presence and also your wishes, such as assistance in preparation for participation during one or more events; a business deal by offering you package deals or, if you prefer, a tailor made solution.

Closing remarks

The Artillery Business Club offers you a unique chance for a broad platform. The Artillery Business Club is a stand-alone, non-profit organisation solely focussed on financing the publication of the Artillery magazine St Barbara and planned events. Please note that ABC doesn’t provide you with a guarantee on selling products, but membership to the Artillery Business Club offers you more exposure possibilities.
Almost all dates of upcoming events for 2021 are planned and will be at your disposal, thus offering you sufficient preparation time.

We hope you will join us and we look forward to meet you.
Download here our ABC detailed information 2021

Retired Ltcol Drs Gert Dijk
Chairman ABC
0031 (0)646 812 463

Retired Ltcol Kelvin de Richemont Corporate Account Manager ABC
0031 (0)617 421 815

Retired Ltcol Paul Lemmens
Finance ABC
0031 (0)637 362 928

Retired Col. Teun Baartman
Board Member

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