HENSOLDT is a German champion in the defence industry with a leading position in Europe and a global reach.

We develop innovative and customer-specific solutions in the fields of radar, electronic warfare, avionics and optronics.

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We, the HENSOLDT Group, offer our customers mission critical sensor systems for protection, for surveillance and for situational awareness.

As innovation is intrinsic to our DNA we continously develop innovative, integrated and customer-specific solutions in the segments Radar, IFF & COMMS, Spectrum Dominance and Airborne Solutions, Optronics and Customer Services. We consistently drive innovations forward and invest significantly in research and development. This is complemented by our in-house innovation-hub and start-up incubator HENSOLDT Ventures. As technology leader, we expand our portfolio continuously to combat a wide range of threats. Headquartered in Taufkirchen near Munich/Germany, the company develops  sensor  solutions  for  defence  and  security  applications. As  a  technology  leader, HENSOLDT  also  continuously expands  its  Cyber  portfolio  and  develops  new  products  to combat a wide range of threats based on innovative approaches to data management, robotics and cybersecurity.

With more than 5,600 employees, HENSOLDT generated revenues of 1.2 billion  euros  in  2020. HENSOLDT  is  listed  on  the  Frankfurt  Stock  Exchange  and  the  SDAX stock market index there.


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HENSOLDT Counter-UAV System – Xpeller

Xpeller – Dangerous high flyers – The new threat from the air.

HENSOLDT’s Xpeller counter-UAV system provides protection from the ever-increasing threat posed by over-the-counter drones, both in the military and the civil sector.

The name of Xpeller is derived  from the idea of expelling an intruder. HENSOLDT has developed a powerful modular system by adding radio detectors and countermeasures to some of its existing and proven technologies for monitoring airspace using radar and cameras.

This system can locate and classify even small hobby drones at a range of several  kilometres. High-resolution cameras make it possible to decide whether there is a serious threat. If so, the threat can then  be countered by choosing  appropriate countermeasures.

With its Xpeller family of products for the detection of, and defence against, commercially available drones HENSOLDT is proving that this can be done differently and much more effectively.

The special feature is that the individual components of the  modular system come almost exclusively from the portfolio of the HENSOLDT Group. This  combined expertise permits the individual components to  be used optimally and ensures  the maximum performance of  the overall system.

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HENSOLDT Land Solutions / Artillery Solutions

How sensor fusion is disrupting ground operations – Shaping the new battlefield.

When developing any next-generation platform, ensuring that it delivers information superiority is vital. Gone are the days when each platform operated within its own ecosystem and delivered information retrospectively – operators now expect a complete situational awareness picture delivered to them with a live view of what is going on around them. In short, MGCS will be a game changer in combat operations.  A completely integrated system like this ensures information superiority and will ultimately make land forces more lethal. HENSOLDT already has the know-how to deliver an integrated sensor fusion network. Its state-of-the-art See Through Armour System (SETAS) provides a 360-degree view to the crew, even in areas the users are not looking at.

SETAS can integrate and communicate with other systems, for example sharing geo data-based objects to a neighbouring vehicle, and this data can be collected from the different areas of the battlefield and fused together.

SETAS is an ITAR-free, ruggedized, day and night high performance local area observation system for any type of armoured vehicles. This high resolution electro optical vision system gives each crew member the possibility to stay secure under hatch without losing full visual situational awareness, 360° around the vehicle. Threats like snipers or RPG can be detected within their operating range. Spexer 2000 3D MKIII – multi mission radar for C-UAS, Very Short Range Air Defense (VSHORAD) and artillery support e,g, adjustment/registration of friendly fire – HENSOLDT Spexer Radars with high Doppler resolution provides an exceptional capability to separate between moving targets and clutter.

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Spexer 2000 MK III


HENSOLDT Sensors for Ground based Air and Missile Defence

Air Defence Monitor airspace – direct defensive systems. Effective air defence, which can protect cities, critical infrastructure and a military actor’s own military units from attacks by enemy air forces and missiles, must use modern, long-range radar systems to monitor the airspace and, if necessary, to precisely direct defensive weapons and control fire. 

Ground-based air defence – State-of-the air defence radars – Our air defence radars are part of a family of products which include ship- as well as ground-based sensors. Thus they benefit from shorter production cycles, continuous product improvements and economies of scale in terms of maintenance and training. The HENSOLDT radar family offers ground based air surveillance systems for short and medium-range air defence for the protection of ground forces. The Spexer 2000 3D MKIII – multi mission radar for C-UAS, Very Short Range Air Defense (VSHORAD) and artillery support e,g, adjustment/registration of friendly fire – HENSOLDT Spexer Radars with high Doppler resolution provides an exceptional capability to separate between moving targets and clutter. 

TwInvis is a passive radar that adds a new dimension to the world of surveillance and situational awareness. It offers decisive operational advantages: it cannot be located due to the absence of any transmitted energy and it does not need any emissions from targets to locate them. In the military field, TwInvis combines several advantages. In addition to its high mobility, the system itself remains invisible and therefore cannot be jammed or eliminated in a targeted action. At the same time, it can also be used to discover stealth aircraft which, due to their low observable technology, have until now remained undetectable for conventional radar systems. 

The TRS-4D/TRML-4D Radar Family encompasses HENSOLDT’s latest members of C-Band (NATO G-Band) state-of-the-art naval and ground tactical radars. The members of the TRS-4D/TRML-4D Radar Family provide multi-functional surveillance and target acquisition offering recognized tactical pictures and weapon assignment.

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