Protect Strategic Sites, Manoeuvring Forces, and Civilian Populations from Missile and Rocket Threats 

Rafael’s Air Defence system of systems provides a complete solution, ensuring tactical overmatch against a broad range of air & missile threats.  Based on a multi-layered concept that has been designed to provide optimum protection against all current and future airborne threats.

The battlefield is changingEnsure your advantage.  

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David’s Sling ®

Long Range Air & Missile Defence System. David’s Sling is a modular, scalable and flexible to tailor-fit the area and topology to be defended. The David’s Sling interceptor (Stunner / SkyCeptor) delivers superior kinematics, manoeuvrability and lethality. 

IRON DOME™ FAMILY – World’s most deployed Air Defense System

Iron Dome is a multi-mission, combat proven Air Defence system, designed to defeat VSHORAD, as well as RAM threats, cruise missiles, UAVs, aircraft, helicopters and PGMs 

Iron Dome family consists of the naval variant C-Dome™, providing protection of strategic naval and land assets against advanced ballistic, aerial and surface-to surface threats, including saturated attacks. Iron Dome is also offered as an integrated, all-in-one air defense (I-Dome) system for maneuvering tactical forces in the field on a single vehicle.

Iron Dome-3

Iron Dome-2

Iron Dome-1


An end-to-end, combat-proven defence solution against hostile drones and UAVs. 

C-UAV drone detection, identification, neutralization and interception system.  

BMC4I Solution 

Modular, integrated combat proven battle management C4I system for Air & Missile Defence in threat-saturated environments.



SPYDER™ Family 

Short-to-Long Range Mobile, Quick Reaction Air Defence Systems. The SPYDER family has autonomous capabilities, the system detect threats while on-the-move and firing is performed instantly after halt. 

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